Your appointment will consist of a custom care plan. I see my role as a protector and supporter. I advocate for you in the medical environment and look for the day when you can be comfortable with your diabetes self-care.

As a protector, my job is to make your diabetes as good as it can possibly be. That means more than just making the sugar numbers right. It means preventing them from being unwanted sugar levels now and in the future. It means creating a legacy of health rather than a prediction of daily obligatory discomfort, disarray and illness.

A legacy of health requires more than preventing low sugars and high ones. It means finding complications of diabetes that may still be subtle and preventing them from becoming clinical urgencies or emergencies. It means finding and mitigating confounding issues in your health care or your life that complicate your diabetes self –care. It means making your diabetes self-care simple, understandable and reliably manageable. It means finding and harnessing your body’s resources that can still help keep sugar trends predictable.

As a supporter, I follow your lead. For you to be competent in managing your diabetes self-care you have to lead that effort. You do not want me to tell you how to live; it is not my place to try. The services you receive from me are by tradition and law those of advice and consent. At the same time, my services are designed to work when life happens to people with diabetes. For example:

  • By filling information gaps when you are unsure how to manage certain situations between appointments.
  • Being available when urgencies arise
  • And by helping you build and maintain your support networks.
  • By supporting you in building a sumptuous repertoire of actionable knowledge for your daily self-care decision making needs.

So, applying the science of medicine in balance with the life that you choose is my role. Creating a legacy of health for your future is our mutual goal.

Checklist of Care Plan During Initial Evaluation

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Checklist of Care Plan During Follow-up Evaluation

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